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History of LOMO Company

Our enterprise is well-known in Russia and abroad as the largest Russian company involved in production and sales of optic-mechanical and optic-electronical devices.

We manufacture a wide range of products: microscopes, endoscopes, spotting scopes - telescopes and night vision devices and cameras. Our popular cameras «LOMO-Compact» are widely used all over the world.

LOMO production also includes spectral devices, eye-safe lasers, special equipment for army, aircraft, navy and space.

Founded in 1914, the enterprise became the first manufacturer of optics. On its launch the company made products only for the Russian army.

LOMO was privatizated in 1993. Now it is the enterprise with 100% private capital with more than 16.000 shareholders.

More than 2,5 thousand employees work for LOMO. The enterprise features about 150 kinds of products. Nearly half of the production volume is exported to USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Israel and other countries.

LOMO was awarded with the system of quality certificates ISO 9001 by TUV (Germany) for civil products and by «Oboronsertifica» (Russia) for military production.

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